Additional Sessions

When the first session is complete, you will have an understanding of the things that you should work on and how. A follow-up email will be sent to you so that you have a reminder to work from.

The conclusion of the first session will also include recommendations on whether or not additional sessions would be beneficial or not, and how large of an interval would be recommended before the next session. Many times, goals are able to be achieved in one to two sessions with the second session being used primarily to make adjustments to the techniques you have been using. Sometimes, multiple follow-up sessions will be necessary but this is not typically known until at least the end of the first session.

While no follow-up sessions are "required", scheduling at least one is recommended to ensure that your newly-learned methods are being applied properly and safely to ensure the best behavior from your dog.

Since follow-up sessions are often leveraged to review information and "fine tune" its use, they tend to run about an hour to ninety minutes in length.