Welcome to http://leaderofmypack.com/ - your online connection to your Central and Northwest CT Dog Trainer. This site is intended to be used along with the customized training program developed for you and your dog. Please also find and like us on Facebook (link to the right), and be sure to follow along with the periodic information postings provided there as well.

What We Do

Leader of My Pack is professional training customized to you and your dog. Every situation is unique, and requires that a unique approach to the training be used to ensure the maximum level of success. Your dog will be happiest when you are able to assume the role of "Alpha" and provide true leadership for him or her. After only one session, you will understand that communication is key, and will be able to start setting ground rules that your dog will easily be able to follow. As you proceed through the program, you will continue to increase your dog's willingness to accept you as the leader and follow you and your rules happily. The end result is a happy, loving companion.